Here is a simpel step by step guide how to install RES One Enterprise Console. In the console you can manage the components of RES One Enterprise.

The console you install on the management server where also your RES One Enterprise Workspace console and Automation console will be installed.

First thing you need to do is download the latest version of RES One Enterprise at

You need to have an account at RES.

After downloading RES ONE Enterprise Installer you can run it.

Click Next

Now you select “extract all components”. So you can run them one by one… You can also select for “select and install components”

Give a location to store the installation files.

All components are extracted and now you should see all the components.

Now start “RES ONE Enterprise” so we can install the console.

Click Next

Leave it default. Or you would like to install it somewhere else.

Click on Install and now the setup is running to install the console.

Click Finish and now you can run the console.

By Clicking this icon on your desktop it will start the RES ONE Enterprise Console

Now you have one console for all the components.

If you have trouble providing the URL for the consoles and you are using a self-signed certificate.
Try adding the certificate to the Trusted Root.

For an unattended install you can use the command prompt. (Run it as Administrator)
Be sure you have UAC (User Account Control) disabled.

First extract all the components of RES One Enterprise.

c:\temp\”RES ONE Enterprise Installer” /extract c:\temp\RES_source

Now you can run the unattended install

c:\temp\RES_source\”Res One Enterprise.exe” /exelog c:\temp\Enterprise_console.log /qb 

Sometimes the portals crash without any reason. To close the portal en reload it you can right click on the icon en select Close

When you need to change the URL of the management portals. For example when you move them to another IIS server of domain change.
You can simply right click on the corresponding portal and then select Provide url…

Have fun!

Next will be RES One Enterprise Workspace