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Step by step installing Ivanti User Workspace Suite

Since the moment that Ivanti took over RES Software it was time to invest some time in the product portfolio of Ivanti. So it’s time to install Ivanti User Workspace. I will share the simple install of this suite. The configuration I will blog a later time. Otherwise the blog will be to long.

The first thing you need is ofcourse the software. This can be found on the website of Ivanti (You need an account)

The first thing I did (Like I also did for the installation of RES One) was creating a service account for the database(s). In this case I made SA_Ivanti as an user.

You can also do this using powershell:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
New-ADUser `
 -Name `
 -Path  "OU=Users,DC=LAB,DC=Local" `
 -SamAccountName  "SA_Ivanti" `
 -DisplayName "Service Account Ivanti" `
 -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString "Welcome0123!" -AsPlainText) `
 -Enabled $true
Add-ADGroupMember "Domain Admins" "SA_Ivanti";

After creating this user I extracted the zip file downloaded earlier. After extracting the zip file you will see couple of folders. In my case I installed everything on one machine. Because of my limited lab environment.

To start the installation double click setup.exe

Now click Next to continue the installation.

Check the box before “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and click Next

Now you have to choose what kind of installation you want to perform. I chose Advanced. When you do an evaluation install the setup will configure everything automatically on one server. But in my case I used a Service Account for the database so this was not the option for me.

After selecting the right option click Next..

Here I have selected everything. But did not chose “Add new…..” If you want to do this, be my guest. Now click Next…

Here you will be prompted with a summary of the things you selected. Check it and click Next…

Now this part I like a lot! This setup will install ALL prerequisites for you! So you don’t need to install everything by hand before installing Ivanti User Workspace. (except SQL server)

Just click “Install All” and the setup will install it for you.

You can be prompted with some warnings but just click Run.

After all the prerequisites are installed and you clicked next, you have to decide where you want the software to be installed. I left it default.

Click “Install”

Now you can get an cup of coffee and watch the setup installing all the components.

When all the components are installed click “Next”

For installing the server you need to meet some prerequisites. But again the setup will install them for you! GREAT! click “Install All”

When ready click “Next”

And your install is Complete! Before you can setup any databases you must install SQL Server 2012 or above. Best practise is to install SQL not on your domain controller but in my case with the limitations of my lab I installed SQL Express on my Domain Controller.  To configure the servers you can open the “Server Configuration Portal” by clicking on the link.

This is what you see when clicking the hyperlink before. You can login with your domain admin credentials. But as you see the message… You need JavaScript enabled in order to use the portal. I hope they will turn this in de next release in HTML5. You can ofcourse go to this page from every computer in the domain. But in the end Java Script must be enabled. Not a big fan of Java so that is why I hope they use HTML5 in the next release. So for this time I installed Java on my Domain Controller..

After installing java and entered my domain admin credentials and the page opened like a charm.

Notice the 2 red blocks, they are telling you that there are installations that are still unconfigured.
So let’s configure these. First let’s make the database. Because without a database there is nothing.

First let’s configure the database then. Click on “Management Databases” and create a new database on the SQL Server. When filled in the form you can click “Create”

When the database is created you click the “FINISH” button.

Now you can configure the Management Server on DC01 by filling in the form. Don’t forget to select the “Database Connection” When you are satisfied you can click “CREATE INSTANCE”

Now you succesfully created and setup the management database. Click FINISH.

But we had 2 unconfigured items on the portal. The second one is the “Personalization Database”
You also need to create a database for that one and an instance. Steps are the same as the management database.

After all the steps you should be able to open the consoles from your Start Menu.

In the next blog I will explain in some stept how to configure your first client.

Some notes:

You can install all above also using a Powershell script. Ivanti made a pretty good guide named: Server Configuration Portal Scripting Guide
Here you can find all the info of scripting your installation and configuration. This guide is also included in the Suite Package you downloaded from the Ivanti website.

Webinar about User Workspace: TRANSFORM DESKTOPS AND ACCELERATE USER ACCEPTANCE – Introducing User Workspace Manager
Feel free to register and watch/listen to this webinar.

In the next blog about this suite of Ivanti I will try to write down the configuration of User Workspace.


  1. Brian Timp

    Nice write up, one correction: Java Script is not the same as Java (applets). The portal uses Java applets.

    • Rob

      Thanks for the correction Brian.

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