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Workspace Toolkit –

Today is the day. The release of Workspace Toolkit by Workspace-guru. I had the privilege to test the early beta and the beta of this application. With this application you can do lots of things in a RES ONE Workspace environment.

With the toolkit you can do the following:

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Step by Step installing RES One Enterprise Workspace Management Portal

It’s time to expand your current install of RES One Enterprise Workspace with the Management Portal. The great new feature of RES Software! In this blog I will show you a step by step how to install the management portal. But first you need to meet the prerequisites for example IIS. The prerequisites are.

After meeting the prerequisites we can start the installation of the first Management Portal.

First you have to download and extract the RES ONE Enterprise installer described HERE

After that start the installer of RES One Workspace installer 10.0.0.

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Step by Step Install RES ONE Enterprise Workspace

In this tutorial I will describe the steps I made to install RES One Enterprise Workspace (ROW).
RES One Enterprise Workspace transforms normal desktop into a personal desktop. Workspace make your desktop much more secure and manageable.
Each time a user logs on to a workspace it will be composed using defined applications, data, printers and personal settings.
These items are set depending on Identity (Who are you), Location (Where are you), Device (kind of device) and Time.

There is of course a lot more info in the Administration Guide (must have account)

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Welcome to Workspace Knowledge

Welcome to Workspace Knowledge!

Soon you will find interesting articles about RES, Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

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