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A customizable notification window

Not a big blog this time but a short one.
We had a migration coming up at my current job and wanted to notify the users that they were working on the new environment.

So time to make small popup window.
The popup needed to have a couple of requirements.

  • Customizable (Editable text)
  • Have hyperlinks in the text
  • Had to run when users logs on
  • No timer like the popups of RES Workspace

So I made a little popup that loads a HTML file stored on local or on the network.

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Step by Step installing RES One Enterprise Workspace Management Portal

It’s time to expand your current install of RES One Enterprise Workspace with the Management Portal. The great new feature of RES Software! In this blog I will show you a step by step how to install the management portal. But first you need to meet the prerequisites for example IIS. The prerequisites are.

After meeting the prerequisites we can start the installation of the first Management Portal.

First you have to download and extract the RES ONE Enterprise installer described HERE

After that start the installer of RES One Workspace installer 10.0.0.

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Step by Step install RES ONE Enterprise Console

Here is a simpel step by step guide how to install RES One Enterprise Console. In the console you can manage the components of RES One Enterprise.

The console you install on the management server where also your RES One Enterprise Workspace console and Automation console will be installed.

First thing you need to do is download the latest version of RES One Enterprise at

You need to have an account at RES.

After downloading RES ONE Enterprise Installer you can run it.

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RST-700 RES Sales Champ certificate

Zwolle – Yesterday I earned my official RES Certificate of Completion for RST-700 RES Sales Champ at Detron Detachering.

With this certificate you become member of Certified RES Professionals and you can join the exclusive RES Sales Champ Group network on LinkedIn.


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