Since the moment that Ivanti took over RES Software it was time to invest some time in the product portfolio of Ivanti. So it’s time to install Ivanti User Workspace. I will share the simple install of this suite. The configuration I will blog a later time. Otherwise the blog will be to long.

The first thing you need is ofcourse the software. This can be found on the website of Ivanti (You need an account)

The first thing I did (Like I also did for the installation of RES One) was creating a service account for the database(s). In this case I made SA_Ivanti as an user.

You can also do this using powershell:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
New-ADUser `
 -Name `
 -Path  "OU=Users,DC=LAB,DC=Local" `
 -SamAccountName  "SA_Ivanti" `
 -DisplayName "Service Account Ivanti" `
 -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString "Welcome0123!" -AsPlainText) `
 -Enabled $true
Add-ADGroupMember "Domain Admins" "SA_Ivanti";

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