Today is the day. The release of Workspace Toolkit by Workspace-guru. I had the privilege to test the early beta and the beta of this application. With this application you can do lots of things in a RES ONE Workspace environment.

With the toolkit you can do the following:

Export to CSV

Export to CSV  lets you create a CSV file from all the applications  in the RES ONE Workspace Console. When you click on “Create applications CSV”, the Toolkit will automatically create a Building Block and then it will load the Building Block into memory and export it as a CSV file.

Building Block backup 

With Building Block backup you can create a backup of RES ONE Workspace. You can create a backup now or create a Windows scheduled task. When the backup runs it will automatically create Building Blocks of all items and zip them in a folder with todays date. You need to close the RES Workspace Console 2014  before running this, V10 works with console open.

Building Block Restore

Restore Building Block lets you restore the .zip from Building Block Backup or lets you export one Building Block at a time. This tool is also useful for migrating from production to test environment.

Reset Management Portal

When configuring the new Management Portal, it can happen that you’re locked out. With the reset function the WebConsole.config will be reset. When you start the Management Portal again it will start with the database wizard so you can reconfigure it. The old config will be renamed to WebConsole.config.ORG

Console Lockout

It can happen that you are locked out from RES ONE Workspace Console. By clicking on “Unlock RES ONE Workspace Console”  it will be started in lockout mode. After that you can enter the database credentials and gain access to your environment.

Migrate Profile

This tool will create a one time copy task command in the RES ONE Workspace under Execute Command. You can use this tool when migrating from one RES ONE Workspace environment to another. Run this tool in the new environment. You can also use this tool to merge different upr and upf files in one GUID. And to copy global profiles to application profiles.

System Requirments:
Minimal Windows 7 or 2008R2
Active Directory PowerShell module
PowerShell V3 (for win7 and 2008R2 please install: Windows Management Framework 3.0 )
RES  Workspace Console

To download click icon underneath

Use at own risk!